City Guide: A Night Out In San Francisco

As many of you know I travel to San Francisco quite frequently. Most of the time I tend to venture out to different areas during the daytime and not so much during the night time. This time around I was able to explore the city during the evening and let me tell you… I fell in love with San Francisco even more! Keep reading to see where I went and what I saw during my night out in San Francisco!

City Sightseeing 

Let’s kick things off with the best places to sightsee. Pictured above is the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, with 1.8 miles of LEDs stretching 500 feet into the sky that light up the bridge every night. The Bay Bridge can be seen from different parts of the city, but the best view is from Rincon park. Best known for its art piece named “Cupid’s Span”,  this park offers great views of the Bay Bridge and is location near AT&T Park.

The Embarcadero Ferry Building is one of the coolest places to visit with nearly 50 shops inside, this market hall is a great place to explore, shop, and eat. Want to get the best views of the city? Head to Twin Peaks, a scenic spot overlooking the entire city! A must for anyone visiting San Francisco! This spot offers great views of the San Francisco skyline, and Bay Bridge. 

Where to Eat/ Lounge 

If you’re like me and like to dine at places that offer a lounge + a restaurant, look no further. Tucked away in an alley Twenty Five Lusk offers a contemporary and chic ambiance with a lounge downstairs and restaurant on the top level. The food here was phenomenal from the steak to the quail. My cousin Natasha and I even received a small sample of the chefs special creation, which was a blueberry with  some type of cheese. Everything was great here! With Valentine’s Day approaching soon this is the perfect spot to take your date. 

This next spot has actually become one of my favorite spots in the city, thanks to my Dad! Located on the 39th floor at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis, The View Lounge is just simply impressive! The lounge gives you a fantastic view of the city, and when the sun starts to set that’s when the city comes alive. The View has great drinks, with even better deserts which is part of the reason this is one of my favorite lounges. 

Indulge (Sweet Tooth)

Bob’s Donuts, established in 1960, is a 24-hour bakery with donuts made hot and fresh daily. This shop is very popular so the line can be out the door sometimes but it’s worth the wait. I decided to order their signature giant donut (glazed) just so I could be apart of the tradition, but I definitely did not the complete the Bob’s Donut challenge.

The challenge rules are as stated: If you finish in 2 minutes, you get your $10.95 refunded, a free drink, a Bob’s Donut’s T-Shirt, and your name listed on the Hall of Fame. If you finish in 3 minutes, you still win a Bob’s Donut’s T-Shirt and get your name listed on the Hall of Fame. 

If you are craving something sweet after a few drinks then this is the perfect spot to hit up after a night out on the town.

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