Comida! Where to eat in San Francisco’s Mission District

Welcome to San Francisco’s Mission District! The Mission District is San Francisco’s oldest neighborhood, with some of the hottest new restaurants, making it a melting pot of cultures, and cuisines. Known for having the best weather in the city due to its fog-free days, the Mission District should be on the top of your list of “things to do” when visiting  San Francisco. 

The Mission’s got it all when it comes to good food. Dope days, chill nights, good company and mellow vibes are what you’ll get here! Here are a few places that I enjoyed checking out!

 La Taqueria

Featured on the Food Network, and winner of the 2017 James Beard Foundation ‘American Classic’ award, La Taqueria is one of the most talked about restaurants in the Mission District. After exploring the Mission District and talking to locals we ended up eating here and let me tell you it was delicious! This place lives up to its hype of one of the most popular places in town because the line was out the door! The set up is cash only, and you order at the cash register. Seating is limited and is first come first serve.

I ordered the chicken quesadilla, as well as a pineapple Agua Fresca (Spanish for “fresh water”), and it was so good! The prices on the menu were on the pricey side, but for the price you get delicious food with authentic flavors. If you want good Mexican food and cheesy goodness, then you’ll want to visit La Taqueria!

Dynamo Donut & Coffee

Dynamo Donut & Coffee is a boutique donut shop in The Mission, San Francisco. Sara Spearin has been making homemade donuts at this bakery since 2008. By the time that we got here we were saddened because they only had two donuts left and people were grabbing them left and right, but I still had to put it on the blog, because it was the coolest donut shop/ spot  I’ve seen and the patio in the back makes you feel like you’re walking into something magical!

El Techo

Known for its killer rooftop views and young professional atmosphere, El Techo pronounced ( El Te-cho) meaning roof or ceiling in Spanish, is where you want to be. We got here “early” and the line was already around 15 people deep due to this location being a popular happy hour spot. Once inside you have to take the elevator to the top floor where you’re welcomed to the rooftop deck. You can either choose to be seated for dinner or use the standing room at the bar overlooking the city.

Our drink of choice was the sangria, recommended by our waiter, which was made with cinnamon and brandy making it strong and a little hard to finish but not terrible…to each their own. Now when it comes to the small plates, El Techo knows what’s up! First things first the plantains are a must! Officially called Platano Maduro on the menu, this dish has four simple ingredients. Fried ripe plantain, sour cream, chili, lime. Simple but delicious! We also ordered the guacamole, which came with cotija, and tortilla chips. I know… it sounds light but it was to die for!! I was a little skeptical after reading some of the Yelp reviews, but I definitely wouldn’t skip trying out this restaurant while in the Mission District. 


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