Escape to Puerto Escondido for a Luxury Stay at Villas Lunaya

Lunaya Puerto Escondido pool
Puerto Escondido, MX

About Villas Lunaya

Located on the Oaxacan coast, Villas Lunaya is a brand new development in the surf town of Puerto Escondido. It’s just a few steps away from the popular La Punta beach and was built based on a minimalist design as well as earth tones incorporating nature and serenity.

The Villa is built next to an ecological reserve that preserves special natural ecosystems, plant and animal species. Currently, Villas Lunaya has two completed luxury rooms, Lunaya 3 and 4 (I stayed in Lunaya 4).

Two more rooms will be added later on this year totaling it to four rooms, which will create more availability since the rooms get booked pretty fast. Keep reading until the end to get my pro tip on the best way to book this property.

Lunaya Puerto Escondido

La Punta Area

Just a little ways down the road from Playa Zicatela, at the very end of the beach, is La Punta. Known for being a surfers paradise due its big wave beach, and “backpacker”/ young crowd, La Punta sits on a dirt road, lined with palm trees, and beach bars with swings, spanning 200m downtown. 

Villas Lunaya is at the corner of Nuevo León and Benito Juárez which is under a 2-minute walk the all of the trendy restaurants/bars like Lychee Thai restaurantBikini Bar, Punta Puerto, and Café Ole.

This area is super walkable and always has taxis coming through, so you don’t really need a rental car even though the property has plenty of street parking.


Architecture Hunter is of the most influential architectural media outlets, with the mission of bringing unique designs from around the world to the people. Villas Lunaya has been featured on Architecture Hunter due to its modern and sleek design.

This boutique villa has an amazing white stone floor (Marmolina) that not only lightens and calms the space but makes it easy to walk on during bright sunny days since the floors don’t get hot.

The walls are made from Chukum, a tree native to Mexico. Chukum, is an ancient Mayan stucco technique for contemporary buildings, merging modern architecture with regional history and culture. 

Chukum tree bark has several defining qualities that separate it from traditional stucco, including impermeable properties and a natural earthy color making Lunaya a peaceful vacation sanctuary.

Lunaya Puerto Escondido

More About The Room

Shown above is a quick video tour showcasing everything that comes with the room. Each room is independent and has its own private saltwater plunge pool and tropical terrace.

 Inside you’ll find a king-size bed, mini kitchenette, and a large open entrance bathroom with beams on the ceiling that let in natural sun rays creating light and shadow effects during different times of the day.

The owners run a health food store nearby and include natural bath, coffee, and kitchen products as well as handmade stoneware pottery that’s provided in the kitchenette. 

Booking is really simple, and I even have a pro tip for you. You can make a reservation two ways, through Airbnb or the Villas Lunaya official website.

Villas Lunaya Puerto Escondido
Lunaya Puerto Escondido

Know Before You Go

Ok, so my personal pro tip is to book through the official website and pay in Peso totaling ($4,100.00) which equals $201.42 USD per night. It has a stricter cancelation policy with 50% of paid prepayments refundable when canceled 14 days before arrival or earlier, and 0% refundable if canceled after, but has a much better price than Airbnb and goes directly to the owner which is supporting a local business. 

When you go on Airbnb to book the nightly rate is now $284 plus a cleaning, service, and occupation fee bringing the price up to $399. That’s a $197.58 difference and the cancelation policy on Airbnb is only a free cancellation for 48 hours.

Official Website: Villas Lunaya
Address: Calle Nuevo Leon 1284, La Punta, Puerto Escondido, Mexico 71980.

Let me know if this information was helpful, and if you would stay at Villas Lunaya in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you, and I’m always here to answer any questions you may have!

Until next time, 


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    This place is gorgeous and truly does look like a sanctuary. Loved learning about the traditional mexican building materials they use at Villas Lunaya! Thanks for sharing the details on this gem. Also how lucky that you were able to catch this room available, considering the fact that there are only two available right now! Such a win!!

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