This Is One Coffee Shop You Should Know About

I might not be a huge fan of coffee, but as the weather gets colder, nothing is better in the morning than a nice cup of hot chocolate or hot tea. Cüppencake Espresso Bar & Bakery Lounge is located off of I-10 in the Dominion Ridge shopping center, past La Cantera and The Rim. This cute coffee shop has an amazing ambiance with an open and spacious environment for everyone to enjoy – from business meetings to lunch dates.
Cüppencake is good for studying, since it’s quiet and cozy, and provides seating outside for pet owners as well. When I went here for the first time I ordered the Mexican hot chocolate and the Cinnamon roll which is freshly baked, hand rolled, and topped with a citrus cream cheese. It was so good that I decided to order my lunch from them also which was The Hawaiian made with roasted ham, grilled pineapple, and jack cheese served with spicy mayo on a toasted sweet roll, which was also really good! Overall my experience at Cüppencake was outstanding from the food to the staff, which is why it makes my list for one of my favorite coffee shops.

Located in: Dominion Ridge

Address: 22211 Ih 10 W Access Rd #1111

 San Antonio, TX 78257

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