The Grand Opening Of Kung Fu Tea San Antonio

I was able to get a sneak peek and a sample of the newly opened Kung Fu Tea located off of 1604, an exit away from the Rim. I came here during the pre-opening along with grand opening, and I must say it’s pretty nice. Since the location is so close to UTSA, the atmosphere is more targeted towards students, who can come in and study or meet up with their friends to catch up and talk while sipping on some boba tea. 

They have comfortable couches and a lot of desk space for you to bring your study material in if needed, but it also offers a cool vibe with hanging mugs from the ceiling making it the perfect chill location for all ages.

I’m fairly new to the boba tea scene, and I’m not a huge fan at the moment, but I do love my regular tea. During the soft launch I told the kung-fu master to surprise me with a mystery drink because I was unsure of what to order, and I ended up with this purple mystery drink that tasted like fruit loops, which wasn’t bad but I played it safe the second time around and ordered the lemon green tea, which was good.

 You can customize the level of sugar you want in your teas which is great because you can really customize it the way you want it to taste. If you are in the area and like boba tea or just regular tea this is the place to go!


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