Stay Coastin’

No one likes water rings on their coffee table, but at the same time, no one likes to be that annoying host who asks their guests to “use a coaster.” The evolution of coasters have come a long way as far as style and design. Today you can display them on your table turning them into conversation piece rather than something to just put your beverage on.

From quartz crystal to luminous agate these coasters are stunning in any room, but they especially in the living room. Commanding attention, these coasters have unique traits of there own with each one being slightly different from the other.

The coasters pictured here are made of snowy white marble with real gold leaf edges, and precious agate, polished and hand rimmed in gold. You can chill them in the fridge to help keep beverages cool when serving.

I highly recommend buying these coasters to dress your table up like jewelry as they protect them from drips and moisture rings. These coasters will truly bring a one-of-a-kind style to your home.


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